Members of the Silvestri Support Team

Front Office
Media & Technology Center (MTC)
  • Tyler Philp, Site-Based Technician (SBT)

  • Michelle Truman, Digital Tech Coach
Custodial Staff
  • Daniel Perkins, Head Custodian
  • Mickey Vasquez, Day Custodian
  • Bobby Boyer, Night Custodian
  • Jacob Hunt, Night Custodian
  • Sammi Martinez, Night Custodian 
  • Seth Chavies, Night Custodian
Certified Temporary Tutors
  • Tasha Doble
  • Amanda Tarchione
  • Ann Marie Sperduti, Cafeteria Manager
Back Office & Deans Office
Health Office
Instructional Aids
  • Jenny Tyler, Band
  • Jessica Zezulka, Choir
Campus Security Monitors
  • Stan West
  • Chrystal Rupert
  • Doug Jones
Special Education Support
  • Denise Swinney, Instructional Assistant
  • TBA, Instructional Assistant
  • Dante' Vicario, Special Programs Teaching Assistant
  • Carol Har, Special Programs Teaching Assistant
  • Louis Drayer, Special Programs Teaching Assistant
  • Cassie Taylor, Special Programs Teaching Assistant
  • Joanne Skinner, Special Programs Teaching Assistant

It takes a Village to Educate Children and these Members of our Shark Family are a Vital Part of our Village!

Silvestri Jr. High School 

1055 Silverado Ranch Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV 89183

(702) 799-2240 Phone

(702) 799-2247 Fax


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