Silvestri Jr. High School's

School Organization Team

No 2019 election is needed for our Parent SOT members since we had just three parents complete the application process. Congratulations and Thank You to Amber Womack, Jennifer McNair, and Kelly McCollum! 

During the 2015 Nevada Legislative Session, legislators voted to approve Assembly Bill 394.


This bill provided that the Clark County School District (CCSD) be reorganized by no later than the 2018-19 school year. Two Legislative committees were formed, one Advisory Committee to develop a plan to reorganize CCSD and a Technical Advisory Committee to provide assistance.   Click here for more information.


Silvestri's Committee was voted into office in the Spring of 2019.  Its members are as follows:

  • Amber Womack Parent 

  • Jennifer McNair, Parent 

  • Kelly McCollum, Parent 

  • Shannon McCormack, Teacher 

  • Shirley Cunningham, Teacher

  • Stan West, Support staff 

  • Karina Duran, Student

  • Merry Sillitoe, Principal


If you have questions about Silvestri's SOT, would like to support the team, or learn how to become a member please contact:


Mrs. Tippetts, Principal


For more information on SOTs, click here.

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Please read the memorandum from CCSD regarding blocked calls by clicking here. Thank you