The goal of the Nevada Ready 21 project is to ignite economic development through students' 21st-century skills.



Nevada Ready 21 ignites economic development by delivering a 21st-century workforce, and by ensuring student equity through personalized access to a connected, 21 st century education.



To provide all Nevada students an equitable, technology-rich education that supports high standards, an engaging learning environment, and the development of the 21 st century skills students will need to fuel the economic growth of the state. Furthermore, Nevada Ready 21 will support educators in their efforts to create more engaging and personalized instruction by providing the essential tools and the ongoing professional development to guide their transformation.


Definition of one-to-one student computing:

One-to-one computing provides students and teachers with 24-hour access to their own personal, portable, technology device connected wirelessly to the Internet.

What is the Nevada Ready 21 Project?

What is a Chromebook?

Parents, if you would like to purchase a differnet case for your child's Chromebook, click here for options.

A Chromebook runs on Chrome OS (instead of OS 10 or Windows).  It is a tablet-like device that is designed to be used with the internet. Chromebooks are optimized for Google's apps, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive.  


Silvestri's teachers and students do not view Chromebooks as a novelty or as playtime, instead, they are utilized as an education tool just as textbooks, calculators for math classes, novels for English or reading classes.


It is essential that students bring their Chromebooks each day to school, fully charged, in the case, and free of damage.


Earbuds, pencils, pens, etc. should not be zipped into the case with the Chromebook because they can cause pressure to be placed on the screen and breakage may occur. 


Watch this video to gain a deeper knowledge on using Chromebooks at Silvestri Jr. High School

Watch this video on how (and what not to do) to keep your Chromebook clean.

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