World Geography 

World Geography's Connection to STEAM Education

Geography touches on all aspects of STEAM which focuses on science, technology, engineering, and math.  Our World Geography classes are the best because they share a common characteristic—they are integrated and multidisciplinary beyond core subjects.


Students learn in project-based units which concentrate on one region of the world and focus on critical thinking, problem solving, and 21st century skills such as communicating and collaborating. They combine hands-on learning with content learning. And they bring STEAM content to life by showing students applications beyond the classroom, into the realm of work, careers, and cultures around the world.

Watch our 8th-Grade NatGeo Capstone Project

This video highlights a National Geographic Geo-Inquiry project that Silvestri world geography students have worked on this year. Students have worked diligently to answer the question,

"How can Silvestri students reduce their use of plastics to decrease the negative impact of plastics in the environment?"


Scoop.It Geography Education's STEM Articles

Find great articles and other digital resources to learn about what's going on around the world with World Geography at ScoopIt!.

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