Engineering Connection to STEAM Education

Engineering puts the "E" in STEAM Education.  


Technology can be defined in many terms, but at Silvestri STEAM Academy we will focus our Engineering education in a variety of aspects that combine computerized modules and hands-on experiences.  The diversity of project modules allows students to develop novel ideas and create something useful from those ideas.  This teaches students that technology can improve our lives in a wide range of ways.

Mr. Walz teaches an introductory to STEAM class in which many areas of technology are experiences.

Mr. Walz's class modules include, but are not limited to, the following:
  1. zSpace Exploration

  2. CNC Manufacturing

  3. Alternative Energy

  4. Hotel Management

  5. Home Makeover

  6. Forensic Science

  7. Engineering

  8. Electricity

  9. Computer Graphics

  10. Podcast

  11. Flight Technology

  12. Lenses and Optics

  13. Robots

  14. Projectile Motion

  15. Plastics and Polymers

  16. Microbiology

  17. Light and Lasers

  18. Intelligent Homes

  19. Ideas and Innovations

  20. Fashion and Textiles

  21. Sports Statistics

  22. Little Bits/Coding

  23. 3D Engineering

Students engage in a rigorous, extended process of asking questions, finding resources, and applying information. The modules feature real-world context, tasks and tools, quality standards, and impact.

Students and teachers reflect on learning, the effectiveness of their inquiry and project activities, the quality of student work,  obstacles and how to overcome them.

Students give, receive, and use feedback to improve their process and products.

Students working on a zSpace Virtual Reality Module

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