Silvestri's School Social Worker

Ms. Wisner, MSW, LSW
School Social Worker

What Makes Social Workers so Unique?


  • Social Workers provide social-emotional support, and address behavioral and mental health concerns of students. Additionally, they address barriers across all social systems including:

    • individual

    • family

    • school

    • community networks

  • They can provide individual family support through education and community referrals/resources.

  • At Silvestri, the Social Worker can enhance social skills, mental health, and self-awareness of students to help them succeed in an academic setting.

Why is there a Social Worker now at Silvestri JHS?


  • The Safe School Professional/School Social Worker position was created out of the Legislation SB515 Grant under the direction of Governor Sandoval due to the increased number of students being bullied, as well as youth suicide attempts.

  • Social Workers are the liaison between the home and community to ensure the well-being and safety of all students. They can assist with mental health and behavioral concerns, positive behavioral support, academic and classroom support, consultation with teachers, parents and administrators.

What will the Social Worker at Silvestri provide?


  • Bullying & Suicide Prevention

  • Truancy Diversion

  • Groups based on student needs

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Case Management

  • Community resources and referrals

  • Individual family support

  • Short term individual brief counseling

  • Support for BACK program students & their families

  • Liaison between school and parent

  • Provide other services based on need



I am located in Silvestri’s Counseling office
from 7:30 am-2:41 pm Monday - Friday.
Please come by and meet me or feel free to call me anytime!
702-799-2240 ext. 4351

Girls on the Run


I am the advisor for Silvestri's Girls on the Run program.

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