Google Classroom and Canvas

What is an LMS (Learning Management System)?


LMS stands short for Learning Management System.

  • Learning, because you use it to deliver education courses or training programs.

  • Management, because it helps you organize these courses (create them, change them, assign them to students, grade them, etc).

  • System, last but not least, is just a fancy word that translates to "software". An LMS is a computer program.

Just like Word helps you write documents and Gmail helps you manage your emails, an LMS is a software program that helps you create, manage and deliver eLearning courses.


An LMS is the "engine" that powers eLearning.  At Silvestri Jr. High School we utilized two systems:  Canvas (LMS) and Google Classroom (CMS: Curriculum Management System).

Silvestri Jr. High School

Canvas LMS


Canvas is a full learning management system that was built for the 21st century. It’s easy to use. Engaging. Reliable. Open. Collaborative. Mobile.   


Canvas was designed specifically for K-12 teachers and students, is an easy-to-use, cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that connects all the digital tools and resources teachers use into one simple place. It integrates seamlessly with hundreds of apps, empowering teachers and students with countless tools to make teaching and learning easier and more fun. 


If your child's teacher is using Canvas for one of his/her courses, students can find out more information on the Canvas website about “Getting Started with Canvas as a Student.”


Parents can create an observer account so they can view their student’s grades and course content. It’s a versatile and user-friendly tool. Go to or click this link to log in and get started.

Google Classroom (CMS)


Google Classroom is what is called a 'content management system' or CMS.  It is a software application or a set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content.


With Classroom, teachers and students can sign in from any computer or mobile device to access class assignments, course materials, and feedback.

Educators can track student progress to know where and when to give extra feedback. With simplified workflows, more energy can be focused on giving students constructive, personalized recommendations.


Parents and Guardians can be added to Google Classroom.  When they join Classroom,  they receive regular emails about work and classes. These emails, known as guardian email summaries, include information about:

  • Missing work—Work that’s late at the time the email was sent

  • Upcoming work—Work that’s due today and tomorrow (for daily emails) or work that’s due in the upcoming week (for weekly emails)

  • Class activity—Announcements, assignments, and questions recently posted by teachers 


A teacher can invite a guardian to receive email summaries. When a guardian is added, the student will receive an email letting them know who it is and their email address.     Contact your child(ren)'s teacher(s) if you would like to be added.

Canvas LMS Mobile Apps


Instructure has produced a Canvas app available for iOS or Android. The Canvas app allows the viewing of courses, content, and assignments. It will also allow you to complete some of your assignments, discussions, and quizzes. Do some coursework on your phone! Search for “Instructure” to find the one available for your device.

Search the Canvas Guides for information about all of their mobile apps! Use search term, “mobile”, to get to links to mobile guides for phone and tablet versions of their apps. 

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