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6th Grade:     Brenda Green-Ellington

Hometown:   Hilton Head Island, SC

Degrees:        BS Speech Communication and Theater

                       MS Mass Communication

                       MEd Masters of Education

Universities:  Tennesse State University

                       Florida State University

                       University of Nevada, Las Vegas 


7th Grade:     Randi Houghton

Hometown:   Bakersfield, CA and Ft. Worth, TX

Degrees:        Bachelor of Science Interdisciplinary Studies                           with Minors in Education and History
                        Master of Science School Counseling

Universities:   University of North Texas
                        University of Phoenix


8th Grade:    Stephanie Spencer

Hometown:  Rochester, New York

Degrees:       BA  Psychology and Sociology

                      MEd Education with a certification in                                  Advanced Study in School Counseling

University:   State University of New York at Buffalo


Members of Silvestri's Counseling Team

As part of the education team, school counselors play an integral role in the academic, career, and personal social development of all students. School counselors implement strategies and activities to support and maximize each student's ability to learn and help prepare students to make informed choices regarding post-secondary options to complete future career goals. In addition, the school counseling program provides the foundation for personal social growth as students progress through school and into adulthood. School counselors work with students through classroom guidance lessons, small groups, and on an individual basis.

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