Standardized Testing

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) is a standardized test Nevada uses to monitor students achievement with the Common Core State Standards in an adaptive online exam. 


Please take a moment to review important test day information. 


  1. Students must come to school with their Chromebooks FULLY CHARGED.

  2. Have students arrive at school on time; they must be in the class to hear all instructions. 

  3. Research shows that students who take the tests with their peers, not on make-up days, score better and have higher achievement.

  4. Students should eat a healthy breakfast on testing day, all days actually, but it is even more important as eating a healthy breakfast is brain fuel.

  5. Sleep is extremely important.  Memory and recall are better if a mind and body are rested.


  • Click here for a handout from Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium on "Preparing Students for Success".

  • Click here for a handout from Reading Rockets, Colorin Colorado, and LD OnLine on "Preparing Your Child for Testing".


Check out the test-taking tips for middle school in the YouTube video below.


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