School Breakfast and Lunch Information

Parents and guardians of CCSD students can pay for meals, check balances and view purchases from anywhere on their computers or smartphones by accessing or downloading the MySchoolBucks’ mobile app. There is no processing cost from CCSD.


Normal individual credit card company charges apply. For details, call (702) 799-8123

It is simple to apply for Free or Reduced-price School Lunch and Breakfast.


Free/Reduced Meals Application Information

  • Application for meal benefits must be completed each school year and only one application is needed per household.

Free or Reduced-price School
Lunch and Breakfast
Please apply online at, and please know that it is completely confidential.

If you wish to complete the application on paper, it is available at Silvestri's registrar, as well as the main Food Service Department Office, located at 6350 E. Tropical Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89115.


Please note that processing of an application takes 7-10 operating days, to reduce processing time we encourage you to apply online.


For more information call the Free and Reduced Food Service Office at 1-800-819-7556.

Online Food Service Payments Website


Meal Pricing

  • Breakfast        $1.50

  • Lunch              $3.50

  • Pay for meals, check balances, and view purchases from anywhere on your computer or smartphone by accessing or downloading the MySchoolBucks’ mobile app.

  • There is no processing cost from CCSD.  Normal individual credit card company charges apply.

  • Questions may be directed to the Food Service Department, via InterAct at or at 702-799-8123.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), "Evidence shows that the health of students is linked to their academic achievement...between healthy eating, physical activity, and improved academic achievement."  


Evidence on dietary behaviors and academic achievement: 

■■ Student participation in the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) School Breakfast Program (SBP) is associated with increased academic grades and standardized test scores, reduced absenteeism, and improved cognitive performance (e.g., memory).

■■ Skipping breakfast is associated with decreased cognitive performance (e.g., alertness, attention, memory, processing of complex visual display, problem-solving) among students.

■■ Lack of adequate consumption of specific foods, such as fruits, vegetables, or dairy products, is associated with lower grades among students.18–20 HEALTH AND ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT

■■ Deficits of specific nutrients (i.e., vitamins A, B6, B12, C, folate, iron, zinc,
and calcium) are associated with lower grades and higher rates of absenteeism
nd tardiness among students.

■■ Hunger due to insufficient food intake is associated with lower grades,
higher rates of absenteeism, repeating a grade, and an inability to focus
among students. Source

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